I’m really proud of the systems we’ve built at our Bournemouth data centre. And on one specific day in September this year, I could not have been prouder.

Important Visitor

The day started with an important visitor. It was audit day and I was showing the auditor around the facility. We have an excellent reputation for passing our audits at IDE Group but I always feel a little background nervousness about these proceedings.

The storm

Everything was going smoothly until we became aware of a huge storm outside. Torrential rain meant the car park started to flood. All of a sudden, our back-up power systems began to kick in. An electricity sub-station in Bournemouth had been taken out by a lightning strike. You can read more about the storm in the local paper, here.

With mains power having failed, our uninterruptible power supply batteries powered the entire data centre for eight seconds, at which point the main back-up generator took over.

Now you might think it would be an IT manager’s worst nightmare for such an event to happen while the auditor is going about his business. However, it amply demonstrated the robustness of our facility. It gave the auditor real life insight into how we can continue to provide a full service, despite a significant external challenge.

Not one of our customers were even aware there had been a power outage in Bournemouth that day.

Back up power

Our Bournemouth data centre is designed and built by us to the highest possible specifications, and we’ve undertaken significant investment to the facility over the last six months. The back-up power that was so critical to our operation that day is provided by parallel generators and 72 hours of on-site fuel.

In the context of recent events, where some data centres’ disaster recovery procedures have failed, we’re happy to recount this story to customers. It marks out the strength of our technology and provides complete peace of mind that their critical systems are safe with us.

Just in case you were wondering, we passed our audit with flying colours.

Will O’Rourke, Quality Director, IDE Group