How to protect your social media profiles from cybercriminals

Social media and their associated social usernames and passwords have become part of everyday life. While email is still the preferred tool for cybercriminals, social media has become more popular because when you create social media accounts, you open the details of your life to cybercriminals searching for personal information. Social media accounts continuously [...]

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IDE Group cloud investment ensures choice for customers

Transitioning from on-premise to cloud based infrastructures, or cloud delivered services, is a key component of the IT strategy for many businesses. We’ve recently focused investment on our own cloud offering to ensure we can offer customers the cloud services they need at a competitive price. We have made a significant investment in the [...]

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Privacy matters to your business, your brand and your future.

Unless the onslaught of GDPR emails has passed you by; you will be aware that privacy is undergoing a huge overhaul. Customers today are beginning to question the sacrifice of a tailored, personal experience, prompting companies to re-think their strategy in order to satisfy customer concerns. Furthermore, there’s an ever-growing body of legislation and [...]

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Digital transformation

It is generally accepted that customer engagement is the key to driving sales, creating a meaningful connection, building relationships and establishing that all-important trust is an enormous part of that. The suggestion, then, of investing in technology to enhance engagement levels is likely to be met with scepticism. This of course stems from a [...]

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What is a SIEM and why do you need one?

Cyber-security is not something an organisation can do half-heartedly. Looking for attacks in the wrong place or just a momentary lapse of attention can easily lead to a breach, with potentially terminal consequences. A Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform, if configured and monitored correctly, can play a significant role in enabling security [...]

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Control over multiple cloud services a prerequisite for success

It’s difficult enough to match the right cloud service to a given workload. An even greater potential challenge, and one that’s often not considered until too late, is how to manage and control a multiple cloud service environment once it’s in operation. We commissioned a research firm to survey IT managers at 100 UK [...]

Cyber security: you have the tools but do you have the people?

In the business world, data loss caused by a successful cyber-attack always sit in ‘very bad’ territory. Certainly, events of this kind have and will continue to have devastating consequences. Identifying and reacting to threats quickly could mean the difference between a successful or failed business. Why, then, do a mere 6% of organisations [...]

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Can end-user devices manage themselves?

Good employers give staff the devices that meet their needs and enable them to complete the tasks they’re responsible for. With each device representing a relatively large financial investment and employees relying on their device to be productive, consistent performance of devices is a must. With all that in mind, it surprises us still [...]

What we learned at Cloud Expo Europe last week

Firstly, wow, there is a very rich ecosystem of companies providing cloud services. There was a lot of insight for the show’s many visitors to pick up throughout its two-days running time. IDE Group staff on our stand were kept very busy, with lots of interest from existing partners and customers, as well as [...]

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