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Control over multiple cloud services a prerequisite for success

It’s difficult enough to match the right cloud service to a given workload. An even greater potential challenge, and one that’s often not considered until too late, is how to manage and control a multiple cloud service environment once it’s in operation. We commissioned a research firm to survey IT managers at 100 UK [...]

Can end-user devices manage themselves?

Good employers give staff the devices that meet their needs and enable them to complete the tasks they’re responsible for. With each device representing a relatively large financial investment and employees relying on their device to be productive, consistent performance of devices is a must. With all that in mind, it surprises us still [...]

Five reasons colocation is continuing to grow

Given the rapid growth of public cloud services since they emerged a little over 10 years ago, is colocation still a relevant business solution? Continued rapid growth in our colocation services, especially in our South London data centre in central Croydon, with its proximity to the City of London, indicates the answer is a [...]

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