How to protect your social media profiles from cybercriminals

Social media and their associated social usernames and passwords have become part of everyday life. While email is still the preferred tool for cybercriminals, social media has become more popular because when you create social media accounts, you open the details of your life to cybercriminals searching for personal information. Social media accounts continuously [...]

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What is a SIEM and why do you need one?

Cyber-security is not something an organisation can do half-heartedly. Looking for attacks in the wrong place or just a momentary lapse of attention can easily lead to a breach, with potentially terminal consequences. A Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform, if configured and monitored correctly, can play a significant role in enabling security [...]

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Cyber security: you have the tools but do you have the people?

In the business world, data loss caused by a successful cyber-attack always sit in ‘very bad’ territory. Certainly, events of this kind have and will continue to have devastating consequences. Identifying and reacting to threats quickly could mean the difference between a successful or failed business. Why, then, do a mere 6% of organisations [...]

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IDE Group for GDPR Compliance

If you’re still not clear what GDPR means for your organisation and the steps you need to take before it comes into force on May 25th next year, the following summary of the GDPR compliance event we recently hosted may help guide you towards taking those first steps. Last week, in association with GDPR [...]

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Only a combination of security technology and dedicated resource can prevent breaches

A big talking point in security this week has been the National Audit Office (NAO) analysis of the WannaCry ransomware attack that hit the NHS in May. The NAO’s report indicate a general failure to act on critical alerts, as well as not enough attention being paid to basic security routines, such as patching software [...]

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UK mid-sized companies invest in security technologies but not the resource required to use them

Just 4% of IT departments have staff dedicated to analysing IT security logs and only 6% have staff dedicated to acting on security reports Less than 20% have enough resource to scan all IT logs that might contain security information Only 13% can always report detected threats to someone capable of dealing with them [...]

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KRACK wireless network vulnerability

IDE Group is aware of a potential weakness in the security of Wi-Fi networks that was revealed in research published yesterday. Authors of the research claimed that a so-called KRACK attack could target vulnerabilities identified by them in the WPA2 security protocol. If successful, attackers would gain access to data passing between connected devices [...]

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Protection Against Cyber Threats: compliance and beyond protection for your business

After many months of planning, we have just launched IDE Group Protection Against Cyber Threats (PACT), our new cyber-security business unit. We’ve developed PACT in response to increasing customer awareness of threats and demand for comprehensive protection from a single service provider. I know that in-house IT teams can fatigue under the quantity of [...]

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IDE Group launches ‘PACT’ cyber-security business unit

IDE Group, the mid-market network, cloud and IT managed services provider, today announces the launch of Protection Against Cyber Threats (PACT), a new business unit focused on cyber-security. PACT has been created in response to increasing customer awareness of cyber-security threats and demand for comprehensive protection from a single service provider. IDE Group has [...]

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