IDE Group today opened its new IT device lifecycle management facility in Dartford. The facility will meet the growing demand for provisioning, managing, redeploying and retiring PCs, laptops, mobile phones, tablets and other devices used in UK workplaces each year.

The facility will service existing IDE Group customers, as well as new lifecycle contracts totalling £5.85m signed early in 2017. The deals cover lifecycle management for 80,000 new end user devices. Ultimately the facility could look after over a million corporate devices every year.

“The average employee now uses three IT devices each day. It’s becoming ever more difficult for organisations to keep track of their devices, let along manage them efficiently. IDE Group research shows many are struggling to manage a multitude of potentially serious issues related to the devices deployed within their businesses,” said Peter Low, director of field and lifecycle services at IDE Group.


According to the study commissioned by IDE Group with independent research firm, Vanson Bourne, the device management burden on UK IT managers relates to:

  • Aging devices – 63% of companies have devices that are more than four years old
  • More demanding users – over half of employees ask IT for help with devices more than once a month
  • Managing unused devices – nearly half of companies estimate they have up to 50 unused and unsecured devices with company data on them lying around
  • Security concerns – 83% have found concerning, personal data on devices, including personal emails (68%), sensitive personal information (40%), adult content (37%), gambling (25%) and profanity (24%)

Peter commented, “Staff don’t tend to think about the ‘life’ of the devices that they use: how they’re set up to work for them; how they arrive to their location at the right time; how they’re secured from emerging threats; what happens to them when the employee leaves the business and, ultimately, what happens to devices at the end of their useful life.”

“Employers need to manage all of those issues. With the rapid increase in device form factors, the overall number of them in use, security concerns and even basic logistics, it’s a significant burden on IT departments. Many don’t have time or resource to do this consistently. This is where our new facility comes in.”

Investment and future

IDE Group has invested £500,000 in building the facility, which will create a wide range of new jobs and apprenticeships during 2017. Aimed at mid-sized businesses with growing IT estates, the facility is ideal for companies with little internal IT management who are struggling to handle their device lifecycles. The facility has the capacity to manage a million devices a year and can provide any level of security, including that required for government IT contracts.

Lifecycle Management Availability

Customers can purchase IDE Group’s lifecycle service as a fully managed solution, including leasing the hardware to manage the cost of their IT device needs more easily. IDE Group will transition its existing lifecycle management customers to the new site in the next few months.