In April of 2015, IDE Group was approached by one of our employees, Tolulope Obassa, who wanted our support with her charity group “Flowing Rivers” who were working in Nakuru, Kenya at the Sure24 Orphanage.

IDE Group donated stationary, laptops and mobile phones to Flowing Rivers charity and assisted in fundraising to enable Tolulupe to take the material to help build the schools in Nakuru.

Annual international mission

Flowing Rivers sponsors a number of children at Sure24 and organises an annual international mission to the region, addressing hygiene, providing a basic medical clinic, business seminar and study skills seminars for the students.

IDE Group aim to exceed last year’s generosity by again providing items that we as a company no longer require that otherwise would negatively impact the environment by ending as WEEE waste or land fill. We will be adding to last year’s achievement through a clothes drive, the provision of a number of rucksacks and through the direct sponsorship of Tolu, who has humbled us all with her personal dedication to this charity.

I worked on the building site for the secondary school – collected gravel and mixed it with cement for the foundation; facilitated the medical days; had training sessions; fed the people that live on the dumpsite (that was the most gut wrenching part of the trip for me) and obviously spent time with the kids at the orphanage. I also got to see some sites in Kenya, which is a beautiful country by the way. I’m going back to Kenya in August 2016 for 2 weeks, and would love to take more with me.

As a future enhancement, IDE Group are looking to work with our staff to organise who would be willing to install networking equipment throughout the Sure24 orphanage and school and provide training in our key areas of expertise, Break-fix, Cloud, Networking and Communications.

More about Flowing Rivers & Sure24

Sure24 comprises of approximately 200 children, orphans and street children, from the age of 2-19 who previously lived on the streets in conditions of extreme poverty and  since being rescued  now depend on the support of benefactors to sponsor their board, feeding and education. They also work on trying to place the children back with their extended families, in cases where they are known and it is safe to do so.

The orphanage consists of a school assembly hall and 8 classrooms. The primary school provides free education to over 400 children who attend daily and in the future Sure24 plan to create employment for some of the children as they move into adulthood.

If you would like to donate please visit Tolu’s funding page or if you are interested in donating unwanted clothes or old mobile phones please don’t hesitate to email who will be delighted to hear from you.