Thanks to the IDE Group sponsorship and the generosity of colleagues from around the business, I was able to return to the Sure24 orphanage in Nakuru, Kenya, this summer to spend two weeks supporting their invaluable work.


I travelled with 21 other amazing individuals from the Flowing Rivers Foundation to organise the local ‘Youth Week’. We each hosted different topics, ranging from self-awareness, to physical hygiene, sexual health, business, education and many more. There’s an old saying, give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. It was a real blessing that we had the opportunity to teach the young people practical life lessons.

Medical checks

We also facilitated a medical week, during which we carried out medical checks on approximately 500 patients. We had access to two doctors, a nurse, two pharmacists and a dentist, so were able to offer consultations that checked blood pressure, diabetes and dental health. We covered the medical fees and prescriptions costs for anyone diagnosed with issues that required further attention.

Secondary shcool

One of the largest projects at Sure24 has been the building of a secondary school. The progress they’ve made since my visit in 2015 is astonishing. Of course, we had to get involved with this too and worked on the building site for a few days – an intense workout!

Feeding programmes and experiences

Beyond the orphanage, we visited the local dump-site and organised feeding programmes for the families that live there. I loved the fact that the residents understood the power of unity, with a strong community spirit on full display.

I spoke with many of the children at Sure24, some of whom I’d met before and also new ones. Prior to joining the orphanage, some had experienced extreme abuse and deprivation. Some had lost parents to illnesses and various calamities. I was able to relate to the void that some of them were feeling, and was able to listen, share my experience and encourage them.


In summary, this was such an unquantifiable experience; it meant so much to me. It’s humbling and challenging to see children living in such difficult circumstances make the most of their situation without excuse. It certainly helps to put things in perspective!

This GoFundMe page accepts donations that will be used to support the work of the Sure24 orphanage.

Tolulope Obassa, Application Specialist, IDE Group.