Protecting data, should be high on any list of business priorities, but is often considered only after losses have occurred.

The truth is, planning for things that may not happen and repeating complicated but essentially mundane backup processes on the off-chance that they do is not very engaging for IT staff so can be overlooked.

That’s a big mistake. The impact of failing to backup business data can be devastating and irreversible. Of companies who suffer a major loss of data, 43% never reopen for business.

Businesses must have up-to-date backup and disaster recovery plans in place for business as usual, as well as other likely events:

  • Upgrading network or storage
  • Implementing new infrastructure
  • Moving to new premises

To ensure the right planning and backup processes are in place, including the ability to implement them when required, IDE Group can help.

IDE Group uses a number of technologies to address our customers’ varying backup and recovery requirements. We use the right technology for the requirements and may deploy multiple technologies within the same customer environment, where it’s found no single technology protects and restores everything.

IDE Group protects your data by taking daily snapshots of server disks and send them over an internal network to a local backup appliance. All data is filed and compressed but maintained in a ‘live’ state so it can be restored quickly, reducing complexity and an over-reliance on individuals.

IDE Group provides the ability to:

  • Ensure and maintain regulatory compliance
  • Get business IT systems quickly back into operation
  • Maintain a local copy of backup data
  • Support physical and virtual servers
  • Choose local and offsite recovery sites
  • Access 24/7 phone support

IDE Group removes the need to train staff on what most of the time will be quite mundane backup processes, freeing your IT team to concentrate on what they may find more engaging business IT developments.

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