If you work in the public sector, you’ll know how careful you have to be over procurement. When selecting solutions to specific challenges, you need certainty on their ongoing quality and the value they will provide to citizens. It’s you that’s held accountable for how you’ve spent tax payer’s money.

IDE Group is able to rapidly develop and deliver solutions that meet the unique requirements of public sector customers. To provide that all-important level of assurance, we hold a place on the G-Cloud 8 framework, as well as the Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework.

These frameworks are fundamental to the government’s Digital Marketplace, which is transforming the way the public sector commissions digital and cloud services, by making it simpler, clearer and faster for them to buy what they need.

G-Cloud 8

Being a G-Cloud 8 supplier allows us to provide solutions to 30,000 government departments and agencies, who are often mandated to procure through G-Cloud.

IDE Group G-Cloud 8 solutions are comprised of nine approved services, all of which are categorised as Software as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service or Specialist Cloud Services:

  1. IDE Group Cloud Backup Service
  2. IDE Group Cloud Monitoring Service
  3. IDE Group Cloud Service Desk
  4. IDE Group Cloud Storage Service
  5. IDE Group Cloud Business Analysis Service
  6. IDE Group Cloud Design Consultancy Service
  7. IDE Group Cloud Service Management
  8. IDE Group Cloud Transition Management Service
  9. IDE Group Legacy to Cloud Rationalisation Service

Digital Outcomes and Specialists Framework

IDE Group also provides services through the Crown Commercial Services’ Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework.

The Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework provides an assurance of quality of personnel procured from an external supplier, whether that be whole teams or specific, digitally talented individuals.

We can support public sector digital projects through the framework, which is an opportunity for us to show exactly how relevant our services are, and how flexible they can be.

IDE Group for the public sector

Even the largest public sector department requires specialist help. IDE Group works in close partnership with public sector customers, and provides a distinct range of services that can be tailored to specific requirements. Our membership of the government’s technology supplier frameworks demonstrates beyond doubt the value we can provide to taxpayers.