Unless the onslaught of GDPR emails has passed you by; you will be aware that privacy is undergoing a huge overhaul. Customers today are beginning to question the sacrifice of a tailored, personal experience, prompting companies to re-think their strategy in order to satisfy customer concerns. Furthermore, there’s an ever-growing body of legislation and regulation you need to comply with.

How then, can your business alleviate concern and build brand loyalty? Customers will instinctively trust the companies with websites boasting privacy protection. Privacy is more than a paragraph or two, buried deep in a terms and conditions section at the bottom of the page. Privacy can impact a brand, determine customer experience and potentially harm company reputation. Hence, providing your customer with visible information will both establish trust and mitigate the legal risk.

Further still, the current climate is marred by uncertainty and suspicion – Facebook has a lot to answer for! The world’s favourite social network admitted that 87 million users had their data accessed without explicit permission. To drive customer engagement then, companies must remain authentic and transparent. Maintaining and establishing loyalty does not require a grand theory, instead establishing guidelines, demonstrating a commitment to customer privacy and fulfilling the company promise will do the trick.

Going forward, companies will need to balance their data requirements and the desire to create a personalised customer experience with user privacy concerns and needs. Remember – safeguarding customer privacy is not just a protective measure, but a strategic opportunity for brand growth.