After many months of planning, we have just launched IDE Group Protection Against Cyber Threats (PACT), our new cyber-security business unit. We’ve developed PACT in response to increasing customer awareness of threats and demand for comprehensive protection from a single service provider.

I know that in-house IT teams can fatigue under the quantity of data they have to continuously analyse to spot security threats. This labour-intensive work is also high pressure, as the insight they generate needs to be accurate and timely. Action taken by an organisation that’s based on delayed or imperfect intelligence is unlikely to provide adequate protection and can lead to significant financial and reputational costs.

Choosing to build a new business unit from scratch, rather than acquiring an existing cyber-security business, enables us to provide a service we know is complete and tightly integrated with our existing processes and services. It also means we can more quickly select and deliver the latest, best of breed security solutions.

PACT essentially combines our team’s existing expertise in delivering managed services, specialist security staff and new cloud-based security solutions. At its heart is a fully staffed Security Operations Centre (SOC), which continuously monitors security information delivered through a Security Information and Events Management (SIEM) solution.

By routing all data into one team for analysis, expertise is applied across all relevant information in real-time, increasing success in identifying complex threats. PACT technical resources will correlate, classify and prioritise all security information generated by customer IT infrastructure and alert them on the severity impact and threat score of security events taking place across their estate.

PACT also provides proactive, pre-emptive security planning and action through an Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) solution, as well as manage endpoint security through next generation technology.

We have made an initial investment in PACT of £750,000. This includes the recruitment of two senior staff members, Paul Toms and Clive Atkins, who will guide the long-term strategic direction of PACT. We’re in the process of training existing staff so they can be dedicated to PACT and will recruit further external expertise where required. We expect the core team to be 10 strong by the end of 2017.

Staying ahead of cyber-security threats is a huge challenge that no business can afford to duck. PACT enables our customers to easily and cost-effectively comply with data protection regulations, as well proactively protect their business.

To find out more about IDE Group PACT or to speak to a team member, please call 0344 874 2020 or visit idegroup/services/cyber-security.