Around once a year, on the magical Isle of Britain, enough snow falls so that one can actually notice it. Today is that day. If you’ve struggled to get into work, you have our sympathy.

If you’re one of our customers, you’ll hopefully be gladdened to hear that none of our services have been impacted by the weather. We have a full team on the service desk, our data centres and network are performing as they would on a normal day.

That’s not to say we are complacent. Until the weather passes, our operations team will be meeting twice a day to discuss the weather (it is the UK after all!) and pick up on any developments that could impact how we are running.

If they discover any issues, all the right people will be together to create a plan and put it in place. We’ll update you here and on our social media platforms if there’s anything that might cause an interruption to service.

As for our wider staff, like many modern businesses, some of us work remotely for much of the week, either from home offices or on the road. We use the collaboration and voice services we provide to customers, for example Skype for Business and Gamma hosted telephony, to make that entirely seamless.

We don’t just use those solutions for those few remote workers, they’re our standard platforms. That means that when something like this occurs – two centimetres of snow and widescale pandemonium – none of our staff have to put themselves at risk outside and our business can carry on as normal.

Because of all of this, we expect to be able to sail straight through this winter weather straight on through into spring, which is just around the corner. Whatever you’re doing today, we hope you keep safe and are able to take at least a couple of moments to enjoy the snow.