Firstly, wow, there is a very rich ecosystem of companies providing cloud services. There was a lot of insight for the show’s many visitors to pick up throughout its two-days running time. IDE Group staff on our stand were kept very busy, with lots of interest from existing partners and customers, as well as prospects.

We thought you might be interested to see the video we made while we there. It features the core message we took to the show: achieving business objectives with the cloud depends on having good control over it.

Migrating applications to the cloud requires control if it’s to be done well. Control becomes especially critical if you’re using lots of different cloud services, as you’ll want to manage workloads holistically to maximise efficiency and performance, perhaps even moving applications between services. The cloud services which your applications are running on will also develop and improve. The ability to evolve applications to take advantage of new opportunities is vital.

The ability to migrate, run and evolve applications with complete control is central to the value IDE Group delivers.


While we were at the show, we launched our Cloud Control report, which features new research into the common challenges organisations face when managing multiple cloud service environments.

For a free download of the report, click below.

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