Project Description

Company: Benefit Cosmetics UK
Industry: Beauty
Country: Global, HQ in London, UK



  • Cost and time effective training courses

  • Increased technical skills to the level required

  • Greater utilisation of IT infrastructure

  • High ROI from training course

IDE Group’s training division, iDevelop, improves IT skills of in-house IT team.

Benefit Cosmetics LLC is a manufacturer of cosmetics founded and headquartered in San Francisco, California, which sells to consumers at over 2,000 outlets in more than 30 countries.



Two Training workshops on Server 2012 R2 were designed and delivered to the IT team in the company’s Cheltenham office. Training equipment was supplied as part of the training exercise. This ensured sufficient resources were available and that training could be delivered in an IT environment closely resembling the company’s own infrastructure.


The courses had the desired result. Skills in this important technical area were developed to the level needed, enabling the company to better utilise its infrastructure. Benefit Cosmetic’s investment in training was a success, delivering a very high ROI.

“We were delighted with the courses that iDevelop supplied. They had an immediate positive impact on what team members can achieve. I’m sure the benefits will continue long into the future.”

Kaley Cooper, IT Manager.

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