Where are the datacentres located on IDE Group’s MPLS Network?2018-01-29T15:41:46+00:00

IDE Group’s high performance MPLS network is constructed with privately owned dark fibre and spanning PoPs across the UK. To view our data centre locations, download our network map here.

How do I meet the growing burden of lifecycle management?2018-01-29T15:44:22+00:00

As companies deepen their digital transformation, the number and range of personal productivity devices staff use to gain access to changing IT infrastructures has grown. Many employees use three or more different IT devices every day, including PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. No wonder then that managing their device estate effectively is becoming an increasing burden for organisations. To find out more, download our whitepaper.

How do I protect my organisation from ransomware?2018-01-29T15:45:29+00:00

A significant ransomware outbreak started in May 2017. The exploit, known as WannaCrypt or WannaCry, affected many organisations around the world. Find out how to protect your organisation with guidance and steps to take in our blog article.

Blog article: Protecting your organisation from the recent ransomware outbreak

What is dark fibre?2018-01-29T15:46:21+00:00

Dark fibre is optical fibre infrastructure that is not yet connected to transmission equipment. Data is transported over optical fibre networks by passing light through the cables, these cables are buried in the ground which is an expensive and disruptive process. Find out more

How do I choose a data centre?2019-11-04T13:45:14+00:00

There are some important things to consider when you’re selecting a data centre facility. We’ve listed the ten most important considerations in our blog article which you can view here.

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