Preparation of any device type to your specifications, rapidly delivered at any scale.

Preparing a device for use is a complex task. Every device must consistently comply with company IT policy, as well as meet the needs of its user. This involves specialist knowledge, expertise and equipment, especially if it’s to be done across a significant number of devices in a short time frame.

IDE Group has a team of specialists who have the knowledge and tools required to rapidly build and configure any device to customer specifications in both small and large quantities.



  • Devices always meet your specifications

  • Specialists create and deploy images

  • Devices configured to user needs

When a single device is required, for example to equip a new joiner, or many devices, possibly as part of a company-wide technology refresh, we take the units from stock, then build and configure them to the requirement.

IDE Group will design, create and securely store software images to meet the requirements of the customer, their employees and the device models selected.

The image, which includes the OS, as well as standard applications, is loaded onto the device. The device is then custom configured in respect to the type of user and their location, as well as peripherals and applications required. Up to date endpoint security is also added to meet customer IT security policies.

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Technical features

  • Single user or company wide refresh

  • Meet company IT policies and user needs

  • Design, create and securely store images

  • Build devices with OS and applications

  • Custom configured to user needs

  • Endpoint security added

We have a wide selection of data sheets, whitepapers and videos spanning our entire portfolio available > here

Our customers combine our Build and Configure services with the following IDE Group services:

> Deploy

Devices get to the right place, on time and are immediately ready to use.

> Manage

Ensuring the ongoing performance and availability of devices.

> Refresh and upgrade

Effective planning and implementation of device refresh or upgrade programmes.

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