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Learning Cloud is a modern learning management system (LMS) that integrates with high quality content aligned to your training requirements and organisational objectives. 


The range of topics staff need to be trained on can be daunting, especially if your only method to deliver it is through live sessions. The cost can be prohibitive and it’s hard to maintain consistency if sessions need to be repeated. Additionally, managing programmes and keeping track of who’s received training is time consuming.

Learning Cloud is an online platform that can deliver a limitless range of training sessions to your entire workforce. Training courses can be allocated to specific employees, with recorded learning materials made available for them to stream. Training content can be selected ‘off the shelf’ or specially created for your organisation. Employee progress through courses is automatically tracked and reported.

  • Implementation experts focus on quality and organisational ROI

  • Single platform integrated with the content you want


Learn anytime, anywhere with the content you need

 Reduce training spend through a modern learning approach

Centrally manage multiple learning formats and track compliance

Take a whistle stop tour of Learning Cloud

Be it compliance or regulatory learning you need to deploy quickly across your locations, or technical, business or desktop skills you need your teams to upskill on, Learning Cloud is the definitive answer.

iDevelop experts will listen to your requirements and map a bespoke Learning Cloud solution, quickly and easily.

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